Sunday, 7 April 2013

And so it begins.....

Hi, this is Niki.  Last week I was listening to a conversation between two very interesting artists.  One was my lovely husband, Leigh, and the other was a very good friend of ours.  They were talking creatively and with passion about their ambitions for the future and, I must admit, they made anything seem possible.

Later in the week I came across the BBC's Class Calculator, a new system for categorising the status of the UK population on a wider sliding scale from that previously used but basically still rating everyone between marvellous to, well,  the complete opposite of marvellous.  I answered a series of basic questions about me and my friends only to be identified as 'Established Middle Class'.  I must say, I was disappointed.  It reminds me of suburbia, 9 to 5 and a Ford in the drive-way.  Surely this isn't me.  I don't even have a drive-way!

These two events might seem quite separate and unrelated but they've had quite a profound impact.  They've made me think about me!

I realise that I don't have that single source of drive and motivation that runs through my life like letters in a stick of rock but, on the other hand I'm always on the look out for that certain something that will grab my interest and keep it...  

My Personal Fad-history

Now, I'm not adverse to participating in the odd fad, that's true.  Over the years I have been passionate about my various hobbies - pottery, sewing, zumba, scuba diving, running, pole dancing, pilates, cake decorating, hoola hooping, candle making, dock swimming, indoor rock climbing, yoga, cycling, salsa, in-line skating and writing a novel to name just a selection.

 One of my earlier (and arguably better looking) cakes

That's me in the middle of the shot swimming in the Liverpool Docks and below selling my home- made candles  with my mum at a craft fair. 

Whilst some of these have been just a flash in the pan, I've stuck with others for years and still partake in them to this day.  Regardless of the time I've spent on each one, I have loved each minute that I've dedicated to anyone of these fads and, if led down that conversational path, I'll still chatter away with the utmost enthusiasm about the benefits of all of them to anyone who cares to listen.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog.

I'm looking for a new interest.

For the next 52 weeks I intend to do 52 things that I have never done before.

Some of these may well turn in to fads, others may become habits or longer-term interests and others might make me want to cry and hide under the bed!  I don't mind, I'm ready, I have a default position of 'yes' and I'll go along with almost anything providing that they are realistic, don't involve jumping from great heights (or anything over 50cm - I don't like jumping) or going upside down at great speed!

That's where I need your help.

I must admit, like all the fads I've ever had, I have not really given this too much thought.  In fact, I only decided to do this yesterday but in typical 'me' style I'm already fully committed.  I've got a few ideas but I need plenty more so if you have an idea for an activity for me to do, an event for me to attend or food for me to try, then please let me know.

I know a lot of interesting people (if you're reading this then assume I mean you!) and I'm sure you'll give me all the ideas and support that I need to keep this thing going.  In return, I'll review my experiences every week on here for you to read.

Your suggestions don't have to be limited to just activities, I'm looking to do 52 new things within 52 weeks.  This could be anything from ice-climbing to eating a banana.  Really, I have never eaten a banana.  So, if you ever see a post on here where I'm thinking of eating a banana, please help me I must be getting desperate, I need ideas!
There may be some people reading this who have stumbled across this blog and would like to be part of it but maybe don't know me.  Well, to be honest, I don't think that there is that much to tell.  I'm 30-ish and live just north of Liverpool in NW UK.  I'm sure you'll find out more within the next year but for starters: I can't act, dance, sing, paint, and I'm not particularly physically fit but I'm the first to laugh if I make a fool of myself and I'll try anything.  So, come on, suggestions please.

That brings me to the end of this post and the first of my 52 new things in 52 weeks:

Week 1: Start a Blog!

Let's just hope that this isn't one of those short lived fads and I can keep it up for at least 12 months, otherwise this could be quite embarrassing.

I can't wait to hear from you.



  1. So proud of you! Welcome to Blogland! Can't wait for the banana one....x

  2. This is brilliant Niki! I've never read a blog before but I'll be following with interest! I haven't tried quite as many new things as you, but I too keep trying to find that one thing I can become passionate about. A couple of things I've done to maybe give you some course, cross stitch, ice skating lessons, sign language, knitting, card making...good luck! Oh and you've really never eaten a banana? Try one chopped up with hot custard, beautiful! :)
    Jill xx

  3. Spend the whole week barefoot!!!! Bananas are over rated.

  4. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

    Jill, I have done a make- up lesson (what do you mean, you can't tell!), cross stitched when I was younger, ice skated, signed the alphabet and knitted... I did only knit 4 lines when I was about 9 years old and then I forgot how! So have I learnt to knit? No, I don't suppose I have. That looks like a good option.

    Pete, I sleep in socks for about 10 months of the year, I might be able to do without shoes for a week but defo not slippers! There is something I fancy though that you may be able to help me with. I'll let you know.

    Ta folks x

  5. Oh blimey, right about archery? Clay pigeon shooting? Making your own jam/popcorn/wine/cinder toffee? Hold a murder mystery party? ...this is making me realise how dull my life is that I can't think of any exciting suggestions! x