Monday, 13 May 2013

Week 6: It's a Kinda Magic

Last October I went in to hospital for an operation to remove my thyroid.  Despite my worry it wasn't serious and I was, and continue to be, absolutely fine.  However, just like in the aftermath of any procedure, it pays to take it easy.  Most people would choose to lounge in bed or on the sofa and either read a book, watch a dvd or make their way through a missed TV series.  This is exactly what I did for over two and half weeks.

My husband had a different idea though on how I might want to relax without idly wasting time.  He suggested I learn magic!

I decided not to take him up on his suggestion on the basis that I couldn't really move my head!  I think it was just too soon.  He went on alone anyway and learnt a trick without me, which I have to admit is really impressive and I suppose I've always half regretted not giving it a go.

So, that's the background for this week's Something New

Is it Possible to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? 

(Just saying it before you do!) 

Without giving away the tricks of the trade, Leigh's trick is concerned with slight of hand.  I haven't got slight hands, in fact I'm fairly clumsy so I don't think a trick like that would be suitable for me.  Instead I decided to go for something that's a little more calculated. 

They say that a true magician never reveals her secret and I will stand by this saying.  I wont even challenge you to come up with the solution on how to do it, it'll only take the fun out of it.... just enjoy it.



Well I think that video speaks for itself.  It wasn't too difficult to learn though admittedly that wasn't the first take that you see here - we really needed to learn to spell Abracadabra for the trick to work! Its a bit long winded but it is quite fun when it pays off.  I enjoyed doing it and will be available for weddings, bar mitzvahs  etc. but ultimately I think I'll leave the magic to people who actually have talent.

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  1. Without your gorgeous assistant Jake you may not have pulled it off lol very good and proud of leighs spelling skills x