Monday, 20 May 2013

Week 7: Nothing to Tweet Home About

I'm a fan of Facebook.  I must check it a few times a day.  I like to see what my friends and acquaintances are up to, to be happy when there's something to celebrate and to be concerned when things aren't really going to plan.

It's a digital age and Facebook allows us to openly verbalise the trivia of our lives allowing the people we know to interact when we are pleased, or down, or excited, or... whatever!  I find this interesting.  Strange, therefore, that I have never been attracted to Twitter as it is basically an extension of the 'status update' theme.  So, this week I decided to give it a go.

Who to Follow

There may be people reading this who would have started the Twitter experience differently from me but I have gone this totally alone, without advice or guidance.  Maybe that was a mistake.  I started by choosing a selection of people to follow.  I chose:
  • Stephen Fry - the UK's most proficient Tweeter so I believe.  He had to be worth a go.
  • Zooey Deschanel - Who's that girl... its Jess! Yes, Jess from New Girl, one of my favourite TV programmes and also the star of everybody's favourite Christmas (sorry, is it too early in the year to say that word) film, Elf. 
  • Chris Evan - He just seems like a bloke who has a lot to say.
  • Oprah Winfrey -Everybody needs to be inspired.
  • Kevin Spacey - Love him and all the films I've ever seen him in (please don't spoil it my pointing out works that I might not like).
  • Miranda Hart - She's just, what I would call, HILARIOUS! Such fun!
  • Tom Hanks - A modern Hollywood legend
So that's my line up.  It looks impressive.  If these people were coming around for dinner I'd definitely tidy up and I'd probably buy a new dress... that was before I read their Tweets for a week!

So, What did I learn?

Not much to be honest, I'm going to keep this brief.

Tom Hanks has posted 2 photos of himself with 2 different groups of people.  I'm not sure why and I don't know who they are.

Zooey Deschanel let us all know that the final episode of the latest series of New Girl was to be screened in the U.S. this week.  This doesn't affect us in the UK at the moment but it is sad as I really do appreciate that programme but, hey-ho, no need to worry for the moment.  Apart from that she has been chillaxing in bed with her dog and posting pictures to prove it - cute.
 If there was a second person in the room taking this picture, neither Zooey nor the dog seems particularly interested in them!

Oprah Winfrey lives up to her inspirational ideals with posts such as,
"'Put a voice on that hurt and give your tears a sound'. Love that"
"Classic mother mistake: Focusing on what you don't want...MAJOR... I was so afraid he was going to fail, I forgot to focus on his success"
"WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? How would you answer that question Tweethearts".
I'm sure these slogans have an audience though I'm not sure that it's me... I do, however, like the word 'Tweethearts'!

Stephen Fry didn't disappoint with the number of Tweets he Tweeted during the course of the week although, unfortunately (and this may offend some), I'm afraid I wasn't all that interested in what he had to say.  Chris Evans was frequent with his Tweets and often provided a commentary on what he was doing and a slightly personal insight in to his life, which I notice other Tweeters (understandably) shy away from.  Chris Evans seems to have a reasonable balance between letting his readers in on his life whilst keeping a safe distance.  This can't be an easy balance to maintain and he's probably the most interesting of my celebs for this reason.

Miranda Hart, as funny as she is, clearly isn't one for Twitter.  This week I learnt she was filming an episode of 'Would I Lie to You'.  That is all.

Kevin Spacey often went for a more serious perspective on life and ultimately provided, what I consider to be, the best Tweet of the week.  Its a link to a Youtube clip and it's basically about how you perceive your environment and rationalise your thoughts.  There is a lot of truth in it, it's called This is Water:


And that's that, a brief synopsis of everything I learnt on Twitter this week from the mouths of celebs.



Twitter is not for me.  

Maybe it's because I didn't follow the 'right' people, or maybe because its because I'm not particularly interested in celebrity culture, but Twitter continues to be as unappealing to me as it always has.  I think I'll leave it there.

Stay tuned for next week's Blog though, I promise I more interesting and upbeat tale.  It's exciting!

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